Thank you for stopping by our online boutique! In this tab we will discuss frequently asked questions, donations, and our policies. 

Why do we donate?

When we started this company, we were initially raising money to donate to a foundation close to our heart, which happens to be the Foundation for Mental Health. As we began to grow and expand, we increased our rate from 20 to 30% and became a frequent donator. We understand that everyone struggles, but not everyone has the opportunity or privilege to be able to get help. With each donation, girls are being helped by connecting with therapists, talk groups, and councilors around the nation. Everyone's a star in their own way, we just help make them shine. 


Shipping Policies

We do ask that you wait approximately two to three weeks for your order to arrive. We understand that this is a small bit of time, but we hope you appreciate that patience is a virtue. Rome wasn't build over night, and our designs can't come to life any faster. Think of it this way, by tomorrow you'll forget about your new accessory and when it arrives it will be a cheer of love and happiness, bringing a smile cheek to cheek. If ordering as a gift for someone, please understand that we do not offer rush shipping so plan accordingly! 


Return Policy

Since each bracelet is uniquely designed, we hope that you don't ever have a reason to return your new Star Sign piece. BUT, we understand that things do happen in life. We do not accept returns on products nor do we directly refund, BUT, we will be glad to replace your product immediately if there is anything wrong with it! Just let us know by contacting us at and we'll be sure to get right back to you!


Reaching Out

If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at any time and we'll try our hardest to respond within a day! Don't be shy, we're here to talk and we're here to listen. We'll be over at waiting! 


Discount Code

If our promotional team has reached out to you about discounts, please understand that each discount has a specific time in which it will be able to be used in. Once it expires, the discount is no longer valid, but just reach out and ask us for another, we'd love to give you one. 


Shipping Fees

Please understand that shipping fees vary based on how many items are ordered, country they are being delivered to, and size of order! Thanks!